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STALOGY 10th Anniversary Box
HARU art decor tape
COLOCOLO Floor Roller
STALOGY 10th Anniversary Box

Premium Japanese Products

Made in Japan, with utmost quality and care.


HARU stuck-on design;

"Both Sides, Now" CSR Initiative by DramaBox - 2019
Tsubame Sanjo Factory Festival - 2019
STALOGY 365 Days Notebook
4Functions Pen
Editor's Memo Pad - Gridded
Circular Masking Patches
Circular Masking Patches

STALOGY's 10th Anniversary

To mark their 10th Anniversary this year, Stalogy is releasing a Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Box. Each contains an A5 365 Day Notebook, with the 10th anniversary commemorative logo stamped on the back, an Editor’s Series Memo Pad (plain) also bearing the 10th anniversary logo, a Low-Viscosity Oil-Based pen, and a Stalogy branded pen strap.

The set comes in a high quality box, which can be repurposed to store items, or used as a desk tidy. Available in the four core Stalogy colours of black, red, blue, and yellow, this box would make a fantastic gift for stationery lovers!


2023 Limited Edition Notebook 
Forest | Fog | Salvia

‘Forest’ – An elegant green shade similar to olive or moss green; found naturally in forests. This earthy tone is versatile and will match any setting it is used in – be it a business event, personal planner, or at-home journal.


‘Fog’ – An understated but classic pearl grey shade that embodies a sense of mystery and poise. This shade is aptly named ‘fog’, which dramatically adds an air of mystery to an otherwise familiar and ordinary scenery.


‘Salvia’ – Named after the popular flower ‘Salvia’, this striking red shade is a fashionable colour with a decorative accent. The red Salvia flower is most commonly known for its symbolism of ‘Forever Mine’, and is associated with ‘love’ and ‘romance’.  A whimsical colour to brighten up your day, this planner in Salvia shade makes a great gift for friends and loved ones.

HARU stuck-on design; PET

Social Distancing with
HARU stuck-on design;

School  |  Local Business  |  Social Enterprise

HARU stuck-on design; PET
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