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HARU stuck-on design;

"Both Sides, Now" CSR Initiative by DramaBox - 2019
Tsubame Sanjo Factory Festival - 2019
STALOGY 365 Days Notebook
4Functions Pen
Editor's Memo Pad - Gridded
Circular Masking Patches
Circular Masking Patches

STALOGY's 10th Anniversary

To celebrate STALOGY's 10th anniversary, we are launching a limited-edition Anniversary Box, which includes embossed copies of the "365Days Note Grid, A5" notebook and Editors' Memo Pad.


It will also contain a notebook band with STALOGY logo, and a LV OIL INK POINT PEN.


2023 Limited Edition Notebook 
Forest | Fog | Salvia

‘Forest’ – An elegant green shade similar to olive or moss green; found naturally in forests. This earthy tone is versatile and will match any setting it is used in – be it a business event, personal planner, or at-home journal.


‘Fog’ – An understated but classic pearl grey shade that embodies a sense of mystery and poise. This shade is aptly named ‘fog’, which dramatically adds an air of mystery to an otherwise familiar and ordinary scenery.


‘Salvia’ – Named after the popular flower ‘Salvia’, this striking red shade is a fashionable colour with a decorative accent. The red Salvia flower is most commonly known for its symbolism of ‘Forever Mine’, and is associated with ‘love’ and ‘romance’.  A whimsical colour to brighten up your day, this planner in Salvia shade makes a great gift for friends and loved ones.

HARU stuck-on design; PET

Social Distancing with
HARU stuck-on design;

School  |  Local Business  |  Social Enterprise

HARU stuck-on design; PET