a Classic Smooth and Convenient Cleaning Product

"COLOCOLO", which has established a new style of cleaning, has evolved in response to changes in homes and lifestyles since its birth in 1983.
We will continue to offer new forms of cleaning with "COLOCOLO" so that people from all around the world and not just Japan can experience cleaning with "COLOCOLO".





Pursuit of Perfection with "COLOCOLO"

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Fine Dirt

Pet Fur


Nitto's pursuit of perfection is for high-quality products, born out of dedicated Monodzukuri* and an abundant product lineup for various cleaning situations.

*With the synthesis of technological prowess, know-how and spirit of Japan's manufacturing practices (Monodzukuri), we created COLOCOLO.

Our unrelenting attention to detail along with our adhesive technologies are main contributors to COLOCOLO's popularity amongst our customers.

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Suitable for different flooring types,

for your convenience.

"COLOCOLO Multi-Floor Cleaner" is a ‘Double Adhesive’ COLOCOLO that is a combination of a strong adhesive and a weak pressure-sensitive adhesive.


Dirt on carpets is removed using strong adhesion, while the weak pressure-sensitive adhesive prevents COLOCOLO from sticking to the floor and unravelling.


We have achieved a multi-use product where two layers of strong adhesion and weak adhesion can be used anywhere.

Weak, pressure sensitive adhesive

Strong adhesive

Adhesive layer will not stick stubbornly to floor when rolling

Better pickup of dirt, even from carpet

*Suitable for floor & carpet

COLOCOLO Strong.jpg

Our strongest "COLOCOLO"


COLOCOLO High Grade Easy-Peel Strong" removes fine dust on rugs and mats with its ‘Spike Dot Adhesion’.


With its easily identifiable peeling location and the fact that sheets can be torn off quickly, the "Easy-Peel" makes cleaning stress-free!


It is also effective against pollen and pet hair shed onto carpets..

Spike Dot Adhesion is extremely strong and picks up dirt nestled in rugs and carpets.

*Suitable for rugs & carpet


COLOCOLO effectively removes dust from flooring with the power of adhesive + static electricity.
COLOCOLO PE Foam Green" uses a cushioned
polyethylene sheet to wrap around dirt on flooring.

Fine dirt such as pollen and dust is adhered
by the power of static electricity.

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