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OPP Tape

HARU stuck-on design; eight color families represent colors able to evoke human memory and appeal to unique sensations.

"Color" has been a fundamental element that fascinated human beings since ancient times, influencing psyche and culture. Through R&D, we have succeeded in expressing finer shades of color tones than ever before.

Graphic Geometric

Geometric pattern that gives off a universal presence

image3 (4).png

Graphical patterns evoke a continuous image that proliferates in human vision. The addition of geometric patterns to the power of color creates even more diversity. 


We have prepared universal patterns, including the dot pattern that can be said to be the origin.

Traditional Japanese

Traditional patterns with a hint of Japanese culture

image3 (8).png

The traditional Japanese pattern is also an expression of the spirituality of the culture. For example, hemp leaf crest is a talisman pattern derived from the vitality of plants. 


A new landscape is created by superimposing the traditional pattern on the transparent tape with the color. Please enjoy the beauty of the combination.

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