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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HARU stuck-on design; water-resistant?

HARU stuck-on design; PET tape is made of polyester and is water-resistant. You will be able to mop the floors as per normal.

HARU stuck-on design; washi tape is made of premium Japanese washi paper. Washi paper itself is water-resistant, so our washi tape will stick well even if water is exposed to it (provided that it was properly applied on a dry surface that does not absorb water).


As it is still paper, we do recommend you wipe the wet area as soon as possible, and do not leave it damp.

Where can I buy HARU stuck-on design; from?

HARU stuck-on design; tape is currently available for order through email. For small orders, you may refer to our partner, OVERJOYED Pte Ltd's website. For larger orders, you may place an enquiry with us and our salesperson will get in touch with you.


You may submit an enquiry through the 'Contact Us' page here, or send an email direct to

Does HARU stuck-on design; stick well?

HARU stuck-on design; was created with proprietary adhesion technology and sticks well.

It's unique adhesive allows HARU stuck-on design; to be peeled off and stuck back again, as long as the application area is clean, dry, and the tape has not been left on for long.

Surface compatability with HARU

I would like to learn more about using HARU stuck-on design; are there demonstrations, classes or workshops?

We're glad you asked! Our blog has articles sharing how HARU stuck-on design; can be used.


We also have workshops at selected retail outlets from time to time. Subscribe to keep updated on our events!

What are the differences between your Washi, PET and OPP tapes?

We have highlighted some main differences between our tapes, but do reach out to us for a copy of our catalogue if you require one!

HARU colors and sizes

Will HARU stuck-on design; tape damage painted wall surfaces?

We have a list of surfaces suitable for our tapes to be stuck on. Most commonly are painted wall surfaces. While HARU stuck-on design; is gentle on surfaces and has less damage to the surface upon removal, we cannot guarantee that there will be no damage at all.

A variety of factors like the type of paint, thickness of paint coat, number of paint coats, drying time before pasting and how old the wall paint is may cause some paint to come off with the tape's removal. Sometimes, the improper prepping of a wall before painting over it can put the paint at risk of coming off easily. With slight pulling tension from removing tape, this can easily cause the paint to come off.

We strongly recommend using our tapes only on painted wall surfaces with at least 2 layers, and do not have any paint cracks or chips. We also advise that you perform a test patch at a corner of the wall before installing a larger design. Leave a small strip of tape stuck onto the testing site for a week, before testing if any paint comes off upon removal of the tape.

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