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Washi Tape

HARU stuck-on design; eight color families represent colors able to evoke human memory and appeal to unique sensations.

"Color" has been a fundamental element that fascinated human beings since ancient times, influencing psyche and culture. Through R&D, we have succeeded in expressing finer shades of color tones than ever before.

Deep Forest
a forest carved in human memory

image3 (10).png

From the vibrant green that emerges in the strong sunlight to the shaded green that is as close to black as possible, the color of the moss that sticks to the trunk of the tree, and the color of the leaves reflected on the surface of the river. We thought of the deep forest that human beings would have seen from ancient times, and collected the colorful greenery that lives there.

Fascinating fruit that brightly colors lips


A fascinating color that combines temptation and danger, such as plant fruit and animal blood—red. From the crimson loved by the legendary actress, the pink that makes you feel the arrival of spring, to the vermilion that shines on dark skin. 


We have collected various reds that color the lips, which are the "fruits of the body" that fascinate people.

Endless Ocean
Sea that draws an infinite expression

image3 (3).png

The sea is the mother who has nurtured life on this earth. The clear water creates an infinite look depending on the dazzling light, layer depth, and weather. 


From the dim abyss, the sparkling water surface of the sun, to the bubbling waves that hit the beach, we collected the unique blue of the sea.

Bright Earth
Expression of earth illuminated by the Sun

image3 (9).png

The source of light on earth—the sun. Light, which is the energy itself, is reflected by substances on the ground, reflecting sand, soil, water, and their shadows. 


We collected a wide range of yellows born from these reactions. Immerse yourself in the radiant energy of each hue.

Dry Flowers
Faint lightness hidden in the remnants of time

image3 (2).png

A mysterious beauty of dry flowers. It is a faint color with a faint appearance as if the shadow of time was copied. 


A very small amount of color was collected from the bottomless achromatic colors of dried flowers. This is an unprecedented color tone proposal that specializes in reducing saturation.

Neon Candies
Extreme vividness that calls for exhilaration

image3 (6).png

Vivid colors that are irresistible and unconditionally evoke excitement. While fascinating people, we collected the colors that are difficult to capture in its natural state with maximum saturation.


You can achieve strong color development not only in the rolled state but also in the pasted state. Observe this difference for yourself.

Royal Perle
A mysterious glow that fascinates the heart

image3 (7).png

The brilliance of light that has captured the hearts of people since the dawn of history. The luster of gold, silver, and jewels sometimes gives off a lustrous, sometimes chilly, subtle look. 


While collecting all the brilliance, we applied a glossy material that exceeds the amount of ready-made products to achieve a deep and clear texture.

Misty Night
An achromatic layer between light & shadow

image3 (5).png

A deep world that can be seen by blocking the light. The faint shadows reflected in the eyes accustomed to the darkness, the subtle depth of the misty air, and the extreme brightness that emerges in contrast to pure white. 

We focused on the endless hierarchy from black to white, and collected the subtle hues of gray.

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