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Kinesiology tapes should not cause that much pain when removed.

Read the science behind this:

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OUR MOTTO: "Innovation for customers"

As a company that puts your needs first, we help athletes of every level perform without fear of discomfort. 

Our 103 years of expertise in the adhesive field has allowed us to create a new adhesive for kinesiology tape to be gentle on the skin.
Using STRATAGEL® Technology is less damaging to your skin when removed; more gentle for those with thiner skin, sensitive skin or re-tape the same area often.

*We recommend for you to do a skin patch test using our tape, especially those prone to sensitive skin. Our products and website are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment.

"Gentle on the Skin"

Watch the video below to see how gentle it is!

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All Videos

​NTAPE Kinesiology tape is coated using proprietary STRATAGEL® Technology.

Our adhesive allows the tape to be
sticky, yet gentle on the skin.
We are the pioneer in using area adhesion rather than conventional point adhesion to achieve this feature.

This gel-like adhesion feature has better conformity to the skin's contour, allowing it to stick with greater comfort, and cause less discomfort when removed.

This is less damaging to the skins' surface, and is better suited for those with sensitive skin, or younger / older individuals. It also allows complements the repeated application of kinesiology tape on the same area for more times.

What Customers Say

Contessa_Credit to Dyan Tjhia_Sport Singapore.png

Ms Contessa Loh
Photo Credits: Dyan Tjhia, Sport Singapore

Competitive Sports (TeamSG Archer)

"Definitely my go-to tape for all future competitions! Used NTAPE for the first time during a major international competition and shot a Personal Best (PB).

Tape stayed on well even on the 3rd day and my skin did not break out in rashes after removal as with other brands. Highly recommended and worth every cent!"

Photo Credits: Dyan Tjhia (Sport Singapore)


Dr Serene Toh_Hilary_edited.jpg

Dr Serene Toh

Paraequestrian Team of Singapore

"My daughter Hilary Su is under the care of Lynne (sports taper). Hilary is 30 and has hemiplegia due to cerebral palsy. She has very weak grasp with her right hand and has contractures in right elbow and wrist.

She is on the Paraequestrian Team of Singapore. She normally rides holding the reins with just her left hand.

Since Lynne started masaging her arm and applying the sports tape to her right arm and wrist in April this year, she has been able to grasp the reins with her right hand as well. This is a vast improvement as she could not hold the reins with her right hand before."


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