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DFA Award Gold Winner (2019): HARU stuck-on design;

The Design for Asia (DFA) Award aims to foster creative mindsets and new knowledge for growth, competitiveness and sustained development. It focuses on innovation, creative confidence and a people-centric approach towards tackling issues for the betterment of the society.

HARU stuck-on design; proposes a new way of styling space design, adding life to spaces and influencing people’s senses and sensibilities. By pursuing functionality and convenience, we had to explore a completely different area from that which we had excelled in.

In our everyday lives, design plays an increasingly vital role in offering solutions for new challenges. Thus, HARU stuck-on design; was created with convenience and versatility in mind. With it, we believe that there are endless possibilities to designing and creating artwork within homes, showflats, pop-up stores, exhibitions and many more.

In Singapore, we aim to share this new material to schools, and expand the creative and problem-soving skills of students, which can improving their critical thinking. Together with our local instructor Wendy, her many years of experience and our HARU workshop program aim to foster the critical thinking and practical design skills.

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