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German Design Awards (2021): HARU stuck-on design;

HARU stuck-on design; was selected as the winner of the “Excellent Architecture” category in the German Design Award 2021. The award was given for the highly commended and impressive visual effect of making a three-dimensional space look like a colorful two-dimensional illustration.

This is the product’s third time receiving a prestigious international design award after winning the Red Dot Design Award 2017 in Germany and the DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019 in Hong Kong.

Statement of the jury

"The adhesive tape highlights colourful accents in the room establishing an exciting dialogue with the architecture. What is even more interesting is the work, which has a graphical effect of illustrative quality in the three-dimensional room."

Not only by exploring the conventional function and convenience required for tape, but by expanding the idea of the new creative culture of “color sticking”, HARU stuck-on design; will continue to enrich the senses and emotions of people throughout the world.


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