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HARU stuck-on design; at Milan Design Week

HARU stuck-on design; has always had an international presence. Part of this includes our participation in the fourth installation of Milan Design week (2019).

At Milan Design Week, SPREAD chose "ALCOVA" for the canvas. Built in 1940, it is the site of the factory of Panettone, a traditional confectionery in Milan. It was developed as an experimental site for a traveling cultural facility, by Space Caviar and Studio Vedè. Now, it is a 'hot spot' that has joined the venue of Milan Design Week since 2018.

"ALCOVA" is spectacular site, with its rustic hut-like charm, and the bare-bones roof frame that remains. Life can be seen peeking through the concrete gaps, peppered with plants within the industrial-looking space. It is a valuable space where various elements are mixed in the city, where contrasts between 'urban' and 'nature' can be seen.

This beauty of juxtaposition between the man-made structure, and the thriving nature peeking through the concrete was aptly expressed by SPREAD; with two artworks titled, "13.8 billion light-years" and "Border".

Designers' Comments:

This year, which is the fourth year, we presented two works under the theme of "Color Appreciation-Appreciating colors" and "Beautiful contrast". The venue we chose was ALCOVA, the site of a long-established confectionery factory. As the building decayed and the roof fell off, it was an open space like the outdoors, even indoors. Since the plants grew naturally there, "city and nature", "light and shadow", "life and death" ... conflicting elements coexisted here, and a special time and air emerged. I made the work with the intention of rooting HARU stuck-on design; in the place so as not to destroy the charm and energy of this place.

The Journey of Creating Art

In the process of creation, SPREAD had to undergo repeated simulations and reconstructions. In their words, "when I actually installed the piece, it felt like releasing my expectations".

The final work was installed on a painted wall, with a "rough look" on the tile wall that had peeled off. HARU stuck-on design; was also suspended in the air, anchored on two pillars opposite each other. This physical connectection across the space symbolically ties the history of the place together with color; and created a deep expression in the darkness of light and shadow.

Over the course of the exhibition, SPREAD observed people that were seemingly rooted to the spot - immsersed in the artwork - absorbing the ambience, and experiencing the sound, light, and temperature of the spot they were in.

The most memorable of all, was a couple being captivated by beauty and sharing an intimate touch of the lips.

Interacting with Nature

That year, the weather was unpredictable; with the forecast changing every hour. As such, the angles of sunlight and shadows in the exhibition space were ever-changing.

From the calm, lake-like surface of rainwater puddles, to the shifts in light and shadow of the colors swayed by the faint wind. This introduced new dimensions to the artwork over the course of the exhibition.

*Picture of the artwork reflected onto the surface of a rain-water puddle.

On a day with strong sunlight, the shadow of the roof frame was strongly reflected in the space and the colored tapes; giving the illusion that the artwork was moving.

When it rained, the washi paper of HARU stuck-on design; contained moisture and looked darker in color. After rain, puddles would form - reflecting sections of the art installation; doubling the colors visible and creating a beautiful landscape like Mt. Fuji. The overlapping of simple, colored tapes created a number of beautiful expressions with the help of nature - the sun and rain.

With all these factors in play, this exhibition came as a great success to us. We believe that the essence of design and creation is to be a trigger to broaden your senses. HARU stuck-on design; successfully transformed the cold, unwelcoming nature of the concrete and run-down space by applying color which expands human perception.

Depending on the situation, it also evolves together with the changing environment it is in. While rain would typically limit the atmosphere created by an artwork, it worked harmoniously with HARU stuck-on design; to create even more depths of expression.

Explore the limitless possibilities with HARU stuck-on design; and art creation.


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