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HARU stuck-on design; what is it?

Created in collaboration with SPREAD, a Japanese creative design agency, HARU stuck-on design; features unique colors meant to convey and evoke emotions tied to the human psyche.

Over 200 years ago, Goethe experimented with colors and how they could influence our emotions and psyche. This inspired us to create a range of colorful tapes able to create emotionally infused spaces. By reinventing the technologies of Nitto that have long been used for industrial purposes including medical and electrical environments, the tape is easy to handle, apply and remove.

Creating art with colors from the world

We live in a world of colors. From squinting at the bright sun streaming through leaves in our city, to city lights twinkling beneath our star-studded skies. Even in the stillness of the night, there is the gradation of shadows that surrounds us.

Imagine being able to extract the color of leaves and expressing it in your own way conveniently - that is where HARU stuck-on design; comes in. We created a line of tapes based on different concepts of nature for you to design and style indoor spaces.

Create your own masterpiece easily, suited for your home's needs. HARU stuck-on design; will transform any space with limitless possibilities.

Explore a world of sticking, stretching and taping, stretching from floor to ceiling, and even in 3D. Create new depth and dimension by overlaying and overlapping different colors, adding or subtracting from your design over time if you should please. HARU stuck-on design; can be easily removed without a trace and preserve the condition of surfaces they are stuck on.

Our Philosophy

The HARU philosophy is based on 8 color families that allow for new methods of expression. A combination of different colors, patterns and textures never seen before in such conceptual variety offers many new possibilities for creative individuals and professionals. “HARU stuck-on design” hopes to inspire a new way of designing & styling spaces.


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