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Hobonichi Techno versus STALOGY

The Hobonichi Techo is a life book. It’s a planner notebook you can use as freely as you like and will adapt to the lifestyles of anyone using it. Similarly, STALOGY notebooks allow users to use it daily in a variety of ways.

STALOGY was created as a sleek, minimalist planner designed for "editors" — people who use their planners to list appointments and, also note-take, sketch and design.

As reviewed on Pendorasbox, our minimalist design allows it to be extremely versatile, without unnecessary monthly or yearly pages that may be rarely used. This flexible feature of our STALOGY notebook is valued because of its non-restrictive format.

At the top of each page, STALOGY contains separate lines for date, day and month. This allows you to easily mark, circle or highlight the relevant date information for that page. Along the left margin are hour numbers from 8 to 21 which could be used as a hourly schedule. The page is otherwise a faint grey grid that does not interfere with reading.

The date-free format of STALOGY allows you to use every single page without wastage, especially if you require more than one page a day, or skip a day or two without any input. You can record the highlights of your day per your demand, giving you full control over your planner.

Comparison of Specifications

Specification Hobonichi 365 Days Stalogy

Weight (g) 205 170

Depth (mm) 14 12.5

Width (mm) 105 105

Length (mm) 149 147

No. of Sheets 225 147

*STALOGY does not include fixed yearly and monthly dates and other page information, thus the difference in sheets.

STALOGY notebook pages are often compared to Tomoe River, due to its fountain pen-friendliness and resistance to both bleed-through and feathering. However, our paper is 'a touch heavier', despite being lighter and more portable.

365 Days Stalogy Notebook (left); Hobonichi Techo (right)

Source: Pendorasbox

STALOGY notebook covers are less textured, with a subtle design along the spine instead. We emblazoned four designs encapsulating the meaning of our brand. 'Stationery' that combines good 'Standard & Technology' and our brand name 'STALOGY'. The phrase 'What should have been, is' refers to all the basic and good features that should be in stationery can be found in our products.

By eliminating what we deem unnecessary and adding in features we deem necessary, STALOGY notebooks are thinner, lighter, and more versatile. Sleek and sophisticated, STALOGY stationery aims to provide a great writing experience for you.

To browse our notebooks personally, you can head on over to one of our retail stores and view our notebook samples at Tokyu Hands Singapore, Kinokuniya or Cityluxe.


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