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DIY: Conveniently create a space-saving home playground or 'art studio' for children

Colors are meant to stimulate a young child's mind and help encourage them to explore. Create memories with your family and lovingly gift your child the freedom of artistic expression using HARU stuck-on design; as a convenient and versatile drawing canvas, in the form of tape. With our special adhesive technology, HARU stuck-on design; is easily applicable, removable and re-applicable.

The benefits of art:

Layer our tape over your countertop, designate a drawing area on the floor or wall and allow your children to freely express their creativity and train their fine motor skills through creating art. Other benefits of art are said to include neural development, problem-solving skills and overall learning. In particular, our Washi 300mm and 600mm tapes are suitable for children to draw and write on.

Practicality of using tape:

HARU stuck-on design; can protect your walls, floors and counter tops from being scribbled on directly by your child.

Normal paper can easily be torn or damaged by moisture. It may shift out of place when a child is drawing on it as well. In comparison, HARU stuck-on design; tape is fixed in place. It will not shift or tear, and is water resistant. This makes it a safer alternative that requires less parental monitoring during 'free-play drawing'.

Featured: HARU stuck-on design; 600mm x 10m tape in MN01 shade.

You do not have to worry about adhesive residue after removal. If there is any, simply wipe it away with a damp cloth, as our adhesive is water soluble.

The tape can be removed and disposed of after space on the tape has run out. Alternatively, you can reapply the tape on the wall, to create a wall of art featuring the growth and progress of your child over time. You can even spice things up by choosing different colors to draw on, or to frame the artpiece.

Visit our official site from Japan to see more:

Space-saving playground:

HARU stuck-on design; was crafted with the idea of expanding physical spaces, and creating more possibilities of interacting with your environment. Not only can you use it as a versatile drawing canvas, you can use any of our 48 colors to design an interactive playground for your children in the comfort of your home.

Ranging from creating your own Hopscotch at home, Tic Tac Toe grid, car racing track, mazes and even a 'balance beam' for your children to train their gross motor skills. The best part is, tape is space-saving as it practically does not take up physical space in a room. You can place objects over it if required, leaving the tape in place for use later.


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