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Where to place a tape art installation at home

Where would the best spot be to display tape art at home? This depends mostly on the surface condition and surface type. The table below lists the suitable surfaces, depending on the type of tape used.

To ensure that the surface is suitable for HARU stuck-on design; you can place a test patch at a discreet corner first. We recommend testing it by peeling off immediately after applying, in a slow and controlled manner. Ideally, we recommend peeling it off at a 45 degree angle.

For newly painted wall surfaces, do let the paint cure completely before applying. Normally, painted walls should have a double coat of paint which is suitable for HARU stuck-on design; tapes.

Nitto Denko Singapore provides total support from design to construction using HARU stuck-on design; tape. We will respond to a wide range of requests such as full order, design selection and construction drawing creation according to your request. Please submit an inquiry to get in touch with us.


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