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Note-taking on the go: Editors' Memo Pad

In the bustle of everyday life, many of us are usually riddled with mental load. What this comprises of mental to-do lists, schedules and internal reminders for important tasks.

As such, many of us have a habit of jotting these tasks down on paper or our phones, so that we are able to better track our outstanding tasks.

Although using a digital list on our phones or laptop may seem convenient, it may not be the most effective way. For example, laptops are not easy to use on the go. Likewise, phones are usually cluttered with many phone applications ('apps'), and it may not be intuitive to constantly open up our task-tracking application and check important tasks.

STALOGY Editors Memo Pad (Lined, Gridded or Plain)

Although some phone 'apps' have evolved to include reminders, they may easily be overlooked when on the go, or forgotten once the reminder has been made.

This is why we still see memo pads and sticky notes being used so widely.

The visual cue from memo pads are simple but effective. Memo pads can easily be stuck in notebooks, on top of laptops, or carried around in a bag or pocket. Some easy but effective ways to use memo pads include:

1) Goal setting

Use memo pads to write down SMART goals for yourself or others.

Our Editor's Memo Pad can be torn off for use as a sticky note as well; you can conveniently paste them in your notebook, at your workstation, or your children, partners', or colleagues' desk.

2) Daily reminders

Use memo pads as a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reminder for self-affirmation.

Write down quotes or thing(s) you value and appreciate about yourself or others. You can simply leave it somewhere visible as a note to yourself or for others!

3) Chores list

You can also use memo pads to sort out chores, and to-do lists; both for yourself and for others.

You can even list down your groceries and bring along the list easily on your grocery trip.

Simply paste it in your wallet, phone case, or bring along the memo pad in your pocket.

4) Messages to others

STALOGY's Editor's Memo Pads are functional as sticky notes - the 'new' alternative to greeting cards.

Simply jot down reminders for chores delegated to others, well wishes, congratulations, birthday, etc. You can even decorate the paper 'card' with our Mask Tape Patch stickers.

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