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Red Dot Design Award Winner (2017): HARU stuck-on design;

HARU stuck-on design; was judged based on its degree of innovation, aesthetic quality, functionality, emotional content and impact within the materials category of the competition.

An award for high design quality, the international jury only awards this sought-after seal of quality to works that set themselves apart significantly from comparable works thanks to their excellent design.

Using Nitto Denko's strength in adhesive and coating technologies, we created this range of tapes in conjunction with Haruna Yamada and Hirkokazu Kobayashi of SPREAD, a Japanese design company. As such, there is the combination of technology and creativity prevalent in HARU stuck-on design;

HARU stuck-on design; is available in Washi, OPP and PET materials. This allows for the versatile application of it from wall to ceiling, and on many types of surfaces and areas. In particular, use of this tape allows the easy application and removal of designs. It is a great alternative to traditional wallpaper and painted designs, as you can partially remove and/or add to the tape art and create a new look.

Additionally, the striking colors of our tape were extracted from the environment, to allow the creation of immersive artwork that are able to influence the ambience of a room.

With the award of the red dot award in 2017, we introduced HARU stuck-on design; to the red dot museum and installed it at Singapore Design Week (2018).

Photo Description: This installation expresses the desire to enable visitors to 'feel' and imagine a high mountainscape otherwise unavailable in Singapore. Symbolically, it represents the journey to winning the red dot design award.


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