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STALOGY: How does it match up to Tomoe River Notebooks?

Tomoe River paper has been widely raved about for its thin, fountain-pen friendly paper in blogs like Phidonpens and Cultpens to name a few. As such, many compare our STALOGY notebook paper to this crowd favorite.

Stalogy uses smooth and thin paper, similar to Tomoe River paper with a subtle 5mm gray grid (the A5 has a smaller 4mm grid). Stalogy also comes in 4 sizes, but with two types of thickness: 365 Days and 1/2 Yearly.

STALOGY is a sleek, minimalist planner designed for "editors" — people who use their planners to list appointments and, also note-take, sketch and design.

While it has a friendlier price-point than Tomoe River, the STALOGY notebook paper is not significantly different. Thin and light-weight, STALOGY paper is resistant to bleed-through and feathering as well. It also boasts a flexible spine which allows the notebook to be opened 360°. This allows you to add in notes for scrapbooking easily.

A subtle gray grid pattern helps keep lists and drawings neatly aligned. The dates and hours printed in the top and left-hand margins are also subtle, letting you easily use it as a journal or idea book instead of a planner. The planner holds a full year's worth of pages, but thanks to its thin paper it is slim enough to easily slip into a bag or backpack.

Hobonichi Techo notebooks also use Tomoe River paper. Another notebook with a strong following, we have seen Hobonichi Techo users over at Facebook group STALOGY Lovers try out STALOGY notebooks as well, with favourable reviews.

Through our own strong following and product reviews, we are confident that STALOGY notebook paper is comparable to that of Tomoe River. To try out for yourself, you can head on over to one of our retail stores and check out our notebook samples at Tokyu Hands Singapore or Kinokuniya Book Stores / NBC Stationery and Gifts.


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