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STALOGY - Limited Edition Launch 2022

STALOGY is launching 3 new limited edition spring colors for 2022 in Japan. This year, we are featuring: matcha green, cappuccino beige and butter cream. Due to its popularity last year, we are bringing back our cappuccino beige edition.

This lineup of refreshing colors were selected for their versatility and suitability for both men and women. Perfectly suited for any business scene or private use, you can grab your own limited edition copy from our retailers in June.

Cappuccino Beige: Neutral and classic, this color is timeless and can match many outfits. It has been brought back in 2022, due to popular demand.

Butter Cream: Muted and sophisticated, the yellow hue of the notebook makes one energized and communicates a sense of happiness.

Matcha Green: The refreshing green compliments the beige and cream colors well. The muted green draws your attention to the calming and nourishing effect of green as a color.

*Standard colors of our notebook include: black, red, yellow and light blue.


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