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STALOGY: stationery + technology combined

The link between stationery and people began when people first used a stick to draw on the ground. The link, time and again, has continued to evolve along with the evolution of people. However, its intended purpose has never changed, and continues to exist today.

We are now rethinking this evolution.

STALOGY's motto is 'What should have been, is' - all the best aspects of stationery can be found in our products. STALOGY consists of stationery products meant to provide high-quality and good function.

Eliminating unnecessary ornamentation and function, we are taking a new look at what's really necessary, rediscovering essential elements and aiming to finally arrive at what should have existed all along.

Our Notebook. We eliminated the issue of unsightly lines and grids that may interfere with how we read our notes and daily schedule on paper.

Through faint grid lines, you can write notes neatly, without darkly-lined pages interfering with your ease of reading.

For jounal hobbyists or creatives, this enables sketches and drawings to be clearly shown. As an added bonus, pages that are scanned and digitized barely show our gridded page format.

STALOGY notebook covers are made of thicker, stain-resistant cardstock. With a matte finish but glossy feel, it offers good protection for your notebook. Our book spine allows you to open the notebook up to 360° and lay it flat for easier writing.

Our Paper. Lightweight and thin, STALOGY notebooks are lighter than other brands. They offer good bleed-through prevention for a variety of pens, including fountain pens. While some slight ghosting may occur for more viscous inks like those of fountain pens, our users find that STALOGY is still comparable in quality.

Adhesives. Our adhesive range includes many products meant to help scheduling and journaling easier. The cirucular masking patches allow you to mark out important meetings and times using color codes.

Made of Washi paper and our special adhesive, they are high quality and allow you to remove and re-paste them if necessary. You can even create simple decorations in your notebook.

Our removable calendar seals are available in weekly and monthly formats, in two sizes. It uses the same adhesive technology by Nitto Denko -allowing you to remove and re-paste the calendar seal. This makes journal planning easier, especially if you suddenly need extra pages ahead of the calendar seal that you have placed.

We also offer a range of writable sticky notes. They are made of plastic, making them waterproof and more durable; whilst still allowing you to write on them. This allows greater freedom to plan and organize ones' journal spread. Our adhesive technology allows you to remove and re-paste them, without fear of it peeling off easily.

Through combining our technology with our stationery, STALOGY is able to achieve a high-quality product standard with a pleasant writing experience.

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