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STALOGY: What makes our notebooks great?

Our STALOGY notebooks were created with “good design” and “usability” in mind.

Despite our paper being ultra-thin, it is surprisingly resilient and strongly resists bleedthrough, making it fountain pen-friendly. It is thinner, lighter and more portable.

STALOGY focuses on minimal details like dates, days of the week, grids and numbers indicating times to create a versatile notebook. This makes our minimalistic notebooks versatile in use as a journal, day planner or sketchbook.

For our 365 Days Notebook, the pages are suitable for various users who each spend 365 days in their own, unique way. It is perfect for keeping track of every day. On the other hand, we offer a 1/2 Yearly Notebook for users that do not prefer or need to take down daily notes.

Different Ways of Using STALOGY Notebooks

1) Collectively manage schedules at a glance.

It is difficult to strike through the middle of notebooks, but you can still write a lot without any problem.

2) Plan for success.

With plenty of free space, you can take a lot of notes while checking your schedule. Choose your own layout based on your personal and business needs.

3) Planning your week.

You can check the events of the week in the spread. Since the writing field is large, it can also be used in a diary.

4) Keeping Track of Tasks.

Explore vertical planning to create a to-do list. For those with many tasks to track, this format is recommended because it is vertically long.

5) Planning On a Time Axis.

For more detailed planners, create a time axis for you to check your schedule. You can check the schedule for one week in the spread. The free space provided at the bottom of the schedule column can be used as a memo pad or for a to-do list.

6) Recording Memories and Creative Use.

STALOGY allows you to use it as both a picture diary and reading record. You can write as many things as you like, at any time.

7) Convenient and Easy-to Read.

The light gray grid does not interfere with handwritten lines. It's easy to carry, so it's perfect to bring out for daily use. We offer B5, A5, B6 and A6 sizes depending on your preference.

8) Minimalism and Versatility.

The notebook has no additional embellishments, providing maximum space for you to use per your preference. You can record as much as you can when you want to write, without pesky borders, lines, or spaces to stay within.

Download your desired format card here.

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