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Why is Japanese Stationery Special?

STALOGY is a range of stationery designed and manufactured in Japan. As such, it embodies the fundamentals of 'Japanese' stationery which is well-known for their quality and uniqueness.

Quality, Design and Innovation

The Japanese consumer market demands a high standard for stationery, which manufacturers have responded to. Dedicated teams of product designers and engineers scrutinize minute details to create practical, attractive and reliable products.

This gave rise to the reputation of Japanese stationery having thoughtful design and excellent quality. For example, incorporating an eraser into our 4Functions Pen design.

This reputation is upheld even for inexpensive items, as they are usually well made. For example, our eco-friendly, PVC-free, low-debris erasers. Manufacturers constantly innovate by improving existing product lines and inventing new ones, upholding the reputation of Japanese stationery.

Emphasis on Writing

Another reason for the high demand and resulting supply of quality stationery stems from an emphasis on writing in Japanese tradition. Beautiful penmenship is considered as art, and many children learn calligraphy growing up.

Particularly, Japanese calligraphy requires superior writing materials that facilitate subtle stroke endings, called tome (full stops), hane (small hooks), and harai (sweeping strokes).

Thus, it is unsurprising that many Japanese have lifelong appreciation for fine writing materials.

STALOGY Notebooks

Japanese consumers have little patience for paper that bleeds or feathers, thus the standard of Japan-manufactured paper are of a much higher quality than the average Western-made product. One notable brand that has garnered much attention is Tomoe River, which STALOGY notebooks have often been compared to.

While STALOGY is feather and bleed-resistant, it is also a touch heavier than Tomoe River - reducing ghosting of pen ink.

Our notebooks also open 360°, allowing easy writing on a flat surface. We also developed new bindings and page styles for enhanced user-friendliness (read more on our blog).


Japanese pens often have pen tips far smaller than those by Western manufacturers. This keeps writing tidy and legible, even when writing in a small font size.

Likewise, STALOGY 4Functions and Low-Viscosity Oil Ink Pens have small tips. They are smooth, reliable, and well pigmented, especially when compared to ballpoint and rollerball pens.

Furthermore, STALOGY pen ink does not dry up easily, and many users are surprised to find that they can use up all the ink in the refill.

STALOGY lives by our motto: 'What should have been, is'. We have evaluated the necessary aspects of stationery that should match up to the needs of Japanese consumers and created our own range of notebooks, pens and adhesive products.

To try out for yourself, you can head on over to one of our retail stores and check out our notebook samples at Tokyu Hands Singapore or Kinokuniya.

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