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YU-KI Ban® surgical tape for dialysis use: Interview with a dialysis patient in Singapore.

What is YU-KI Ban®?

YU-KI Ban® is an innovative and skin-friendly surgical tape that helps to prevent skin damage when used during dialysis treatment. Manufactured in Japan, it is a preferred alternative for dialysis patients.

Our tapes use proprietary STRATAGEL® Technology, which does not leave sticky residue on the skin that is troublesome and painful to remove. It is gentle on the skin, while ensuring proper adhesion and stability during use.

YU-KI Ban® also reduces skin irritation, damage, or tearing, especially when the skin can become dry after long periods of time in an air-conditioned room, or due to fluid restrictions. As such, YU-KI Ban® has successfully won over many individuals like Martin (a dialysis patient) with its quality and efficacy.

Q: “How did you first learn about YU-KI Ban®?”

After Martin switched to National Kidney Foundation Singapore (NKF) in 2019, YU-KI Ban® was introduced as an option to help avoid skin irritation / pain during hemodialysis treatment in February 2022. He first noticed YU-KI Ban® for its’ distinct ‘pink-orange’ color, as it was different from the standard, white-colored tape. Unlike the standard, white-colored tape used at dialysis centres, YU-KI Ban® delivered an extra gentle treatment experience for Martin. Since then, Martin has been using YU-KI® Ban to compress his dialysis needles during treatment, and for post-treatment care.

*Photos were taken by Martin, before he started using YU-KI Ban®.

Q: “How was your experience using YU-KI Ban during dialysis?”

Post-dialysis treatment is one of the most delicate moments in dialysis life. “My skin can feel very irritated and get rashes.” Over time, the constant friction and skin surface damage from overly aggressive adhesives can cause the skin to become thin and fragile. “After using YU-KI Ban®, my skin is not so irritated and it is not pain to remove the tape. YU-KI Ban® is very gentle to my skin, I don’t get rashes from it. ”

Q: ”You mentioned that you find YU-KI Ban® to be gentle. Have you seen any videos about the tape?”

“Actually, I did see a video on Shopee.” Martin was quite surprised by how gentle the tape was, that it did not tear such a thin material like newspaper when peeled off; although it sticks on skin so securely.

Q: “If you were to describe YU-KI Ban® in one or two words, what words would they be?”

'Not-aggressive' and 'gentle'. Martin finds that YU-KI Ban® "sticks well without causing any pain or irritation whatsoever after removal."

Q: "Personally, what are some things you realised after switching to YU-KI Ban®?"

Other notable differences Martin experienced:

1. Skin color difference:

"You see my skin? You can tell that there is different skin tone" - due to the repeated use of the white-colored tape, the aggressive adhesion actually damaged Martin's top layer of skin over time, causing an observable color difference.

2. Discreet color:

“The tape is quite close to skin color, which helps me avoid questions like 'What happened to your hand?' ". Some patients may not want to share their medical conditions, or may prefer not getting such questions from colleagues or acquaintances.

3. Shaving:

“Actually for treatment I have to shave each time”, but with YU-KI Ban®, "sometimes I don’t bother shaving", because YU-KI Ban® is not overly aggressive in stickiness.

4. Contact with water:

"Actually with [the white-colored tape], it becomes stickier when wet. Then it becomes hard to remove" due to more residue remaining on his skin after the tape itself is removed. As for YU-KI Ban®, it "just gets a bit loose and still sticks to [my skin]. It won’t fall off by itself, but it just becomes a bit loose."

5. Contact with perspiration (sweat):

"YU-KI Ban® still sticks on even though I sweat."

*As a gentle reminder, YU-KI Ban® should be applied when the skin is dry. This applies for other adhesive products meant for skin.

YU-KI Ban® was created with our customers in mind, and Nitto Denko is delighted that our product is greatly appreciated by users like Martin. For more information, you can visit this page.