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Product Lineup:

BuJo Sticker
Bullet journalling sticker
Journalling sticker
Commonplace notebook design
Calendar sticker
Bullet journalling ideas
STALOGY stationery

Circular Masking Patches

Made from thin yet sturdy Japanese washi paper, and designed with careful attention to color and texture.

Different sizes available for labelling and classifying needs.


Removes cleanly & easily, and can be transferred to area when necessary.

Size:          φ5 mm,  φ8 mm,  φ16 mm,  φ20 mm

Sheets:     10 sheets

Contents:  φ5 (630 dots)       φ8 (600 dots) 

                  φ16 (180 dots)     φ20 (150 dots)

All Available Colors

S2200 Stalogy label stickers
S2201 Mask tape sticker
S2202-g01_freepdf (1).jpg
S2203 Washi sticker labels
S2226 Japanese sticker labels
S2234-g01_freepdf (1).jpg
S2235 BuJo Stickers

'Shuffle Prize'

Series (φ8 mm)

'Shuffle Neon'

Series (φ8 mm)

'Shuffle Tree'

Series (φ8 mm)

'Shuffle Ice

Cream' Series

(φ8 mm)

'Shuffle Space'

Series (φ8 mm)

'Shuffle Pale'

Series (φ8 mm)

'Shuffle Earth'

Series (φ8 mm)

'Shuffle Fine'

Series (φ8 mm)

*Designs are available in various sizes: φ5 mm,  φ8 mm,  φ16 mm,  φ20 mm

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