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Gentle on your skin; it is the only surgical tape you will need.

Experience lesser skin damage with YU-KI Ban®

How YU-KI Ban® works on your skin

Skin surface when removing YU-KI Ban®

More stratum corneum removed (more skin damage)

stratun corneum.jpg
stratun corneum.jpg

Less stratum corneum removed (less skin damage)

General Surgical Tape
(uses conventional point adhesion)

YU-KI Ban® surgical tape
® Technology)

Experiment 1 - Toilet Paper

Even when YU-KI Ban® is applied on the thin surface of a toilet paper, it does not damage the toilet paper.

Instead, the STRATAGEL® technology of the adhesive layer is gentle to peel off.

Experiment 2 - Onion Peel

Thin onion skin is also a perfect experimental material to mimic skin. When general surgical tape is peeled off the onion skin, the skin sticks aggressively to it.


YU-KI Ban® peels off easily, leaving the skin intact; like how it does not damage the keratin layer of skin.

Experiment 3 - Newspaper

General surgical tape sticks firmly but aggressively to surfaces, including skin. It has the ability to tear and damage thin layers of newspaper much like skin.

YU-KI Ban® peels off smoothly without damage, yet you can see it has stuck firmly to the newspaper print. However, it still peels off gently.


“My skin can feel very irritated and get rashes [during dialysis treatment]. YU-KI Ban is very gentle to my skin, so I don’t get rashes from it."

"It is not aggressive, but is very gentle. It sticks well without causing any pain or irritation to my skin."
- Martin

The first 'skin-friendly' surgical tape.

A staple at medical and nursing care sites, surgical tape is a 'must-have' for attaching drip needles, gauze or bandage. However, the adhesive layer of the surgical tape often aggravates skin problems such as rough skin and/or allergies. Another pain point our users faced was the overly-aggressive adhesive from other brands in the market.

When changing the tape, peeling it off of the skin surface could cause pain and skin damage due to the excessive adhesive strength of the tape. This may manifest in rough skin, broken skin, and torn skin. Nitto created the first tape that demonstrated the value of “skin-friendly” to the field of surgical tape, offering users a less painful and damaging alternative.

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