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HARU Stuck On Design

Aesthetic | Convenient | Practical

Premium Quality Japanese Washi Interior Decorating Tape.
Perfect for decorating your home and workspaces.

Color Cave_8.PNG
Color Cave_11.PNG
HARU: Welcome

Premium Quality Japanese Interior Decorating Tape.
Perfect for decorating your home and workspaces.

HARU Tape Art Workshop for Children
''Both Sides, Now'' CSR Initiative by DramaBox (2019)
Die Cut Stickers for Exhibition_edited
Ang Mo Kio Secondary, Legacy Project
Da Monde, Floor Installation

Origin Story

Where aesthetics meets function

HARU stuck-on design; hopes to inspire a new way of designing & styling spaces.

It is a space designing tape brand based on the concept of 'Sticking on Colour'.


A combination of different colors, patterns and textures never seen before in such conceptual variety offers many new possibilities for creative individuals and professionals. 

Unleash your creativity from floor to ceiling - and even on furniture. Interested in 3D tape artwork? Explore new combinations with our wide variety of colors and patterns.

Milan Design Week_15.PNG

HARU stuck-on design; was created with a vision that anyone can easily design a space with colors. Although it may look difficult to achieve, designs shown at stores and events can be easily replicated.


It does not require any specialized technique, and can be attached and removed easily. You can easily retrace your steps during the design process too. 


See how color transforms a space in our video 'How to Move' as we show the endless possibilities of HARU stuck-on design;.

Title: Which color do you stick?
Producer: HARU Stuck-on design;

DIY Application Tips:



Box Cutter

Metal Ruler




I attended their school workshop as part of South Zone cluster one - the workshop was something new and applicable for my art students!

 - Art Teacher from Holy Innocents' High School


There is really so much you can do with the tape - to create different textures and layers, and also do 3-D art. Now it makes me think of what I'm going to work on for my next project.

 - Art Teacher from Telok Kurau Primary

Ang Mo Kio Secondary, Legacy Project

The tape is very versatile for decorating, and I don't have to worry about leaving or making a mess. The students love it as well!

 - Art Teacher from Ang Mo Kio Secondary

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