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HARU Workshops


Wendy Chua
Forest and Whale

Art x Mental Wellness

Developed by industrial designer and seasoned educator Wendy Chua, our workshops take you through a step-by-step process to understanding and acknowledging your mental state.

Using our HARU stuck-on design; tapes in hands-on practice, you can expect to push the boundaries of understanding yourself in a less confrontational manner; through abstract art.

Our goal is to facilitate individuals in becoming more self-aware and comfortable with the sensitive topic of mental health. We have structured our workshop to guide participants in acknowledging, understanding, and ultimately gain the initiative to take charge of their emotionl health and well-being.

Currently, we hold local workshop courses for schools, and are open for private workshop sessions as well!

More about our workshop creator: WENDY CHUA


A seasonal nomad between Singapore and Buenos Aires, Wendy Chua is a multi-disciplinary designer, curator and educator. Through her design practice Forest & Whale, she designs product and spatial experiences, focusing on co-creation with communities, pedagogues to instill creativity in children, museum design and curatorial research.


Her curiosity for sensory material exploration is rooted in the childhood memory of observing her mother, a seamstress, at work.


Drawn to the workshop, she works with woodworkers and glassblowers, and co-edited The Machinist to shed light on the last industrial artisans of Jalan Besar.


A master of storytelling, she envisages design futures for museums. Her recent work includes Human—Nature for the Red Dot Design Museum and Visions of the Future for the DesignSingapore Council.

HARU Installations

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